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2020 Financial Collapse Planning Consultation.

1-on-1 consultations cost €120 euro for 45 minute. Payment is through PayPal or credit card (via Stripe).

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“CarL helped me one-on-one to personally guide me through the process of developing a financial plan that has given me peace of mind. What’s more, the Superbubble site, the videos, the e-book and newsletters have all given me an understanding of the current global financial system I’d don’t think I’d have gotten any other way. I really appreciate the perspective and the direct and straightforward language and graphics, all of which make what is otherwise complex quite simple and even fun to read.”

Glide through the coming crisis with peace of mind.

Are you ready to thrive and survive through the next financial crisis?

‘Next’ is not the right word. The crisis is well underway, and has been accelerated by the corona virus.

You need to udnerstand the basics without having to spend thousdands of hours figuting everything out. Like I did.

Secure your private 45-minute Telegram consultation to review your situation, and best options for securing peace of mind and financial security through 2020 and beyond.

A full review with C.S. Connaughton brings all his experience, skills, and expertise to help you ensure that you sharpen plans quickly, then cut through the noise to have a simple, clear action plan for the crisis and beyond.


Step 1:
Your plan is reviewed. You will have at least basic overview of situation, priorities and goals completed prior to the consultation.
The organisation, and depth of the plan are assessed from a strategic level and a sharp plan is developed in unison.
This is not about theories; my aim is to create – with you – a vital, accurate, and simple plan from theories into a war plan that can drive you forward with peace of mind.

The rest is up to you.

45 minute private Telegram chat with Ivan Throne to sharply review and improve your 2020 goal planning.

45 minute private Telegram chat
Detailed, insightful, restructuring review
Your situation; your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)
Acceleration of success with integrated mindset, perspective, and language


Inside the chaos incredible opportunities are hidden. Thrive and survive through 2020 and there are enormous victories to be won.
Don’t fail to ensure YOU are correctly on track with your planning for 2020!
Secure your consultation today and secure certainty that YOU are utterly prepared.
Never, ever, forget that everything is an audition.
Stage fright will kill you and your chances.
And the show will go on without you.
Don’t be left behind.
We’ll forge you serious results.

I will be your guide through the biggest financial crisis in human history.


A massive financial crisis is happening and everyone is getting it wrong.

The fin biz pundits and experts were wrong in 2008 – and they are even more wrong today.

1-on-1 consultations cost €120 euro for 45 minute. Payment is through PayPal or credit card (via Stripe).

Fill out the form in order to get to the next step.

This is NOT financial advice.
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